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The Piero Manzoni Archive

Who we are

The Piero Manzoni Archive had been established in 1992 by the artist's family to catalogue the works of Piero Manzoni.
The Archive's aim is to enhance the artistic heritage of Piero Manzoni.
In addition the Archive examines the works attributed to Piero Manzoni to test their authenticity, in order to protect the Manzoni's artistic pro- duction against falsifications.
Offering his advice to collectors and houses of auction, the Piero Manzoni Archive succeeded in clearing the art market from several fakes put in circulation.

The Piero Manzoni Archive:

  • promotes studies and researches on Manzoni's works;
  • protects Manzoni's production from falsification, resorting also to judicial seizures;
  • offers his consultancy service to the organisers of solo and group exhibitions;
  • lends works from his own collection;
  • collects files, books and press releases related to Manzoni's activity and biography;
  • gives information to scholars, publishing houses and mass media.

Where we are

The Piero Manzoni Archive’s headquarters is in Milan, at 1 via Del Bon. The Archive is administrated by Elena and Giuseppe Manzoni di Chiosca, sister and brother of Piero Manzoni.
Rosalia Pasqualino di Marineo is their assistants.

For further information about our activities you can contact us via fax, phone, or more simply via e-mail.

Contact us

  • Fondazione Piero Manzoni onlus
    Via Angelo Del Bon, 1
    20158 Milano

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